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Tomorrowland is the biggest EDM Festival in the world. 

In 2020 the festival could not occur because of covid-19 worldwide pandemic, so the festival decided to do an online virtual Tomorrowland Festival, here is where we came in play! 

We were asked to do a full marketing campaign in Thailand to have as many Thai fans for the online festival as possible.

What we did

We started researching and contacting the best medias in the country, including radio stations, websites, social media pages and influencers. 

All that being done we received multiple answers including the best EDM Pages in the country and the biggest radio station in Bangkok! 

Spreading the news

After dealing and receiving all answers from multiple medias and influencers the goal was to have content that will attract the audience, spreading the word around was a challenge! 

We received content directly from Tomorrowland, thus including IG stories, social media artworks, video teasers, etc… 

Tools & methods

With all of the content at our disposal we started by announcing the event in different social media platforms and radio stations, a few days before the event we asked all the influencers to post about the event with stories, and pictures of them being at the actual festival and direct people to the ticket sales. 

This created a big hype and a very successful marketing campaign

What a result

With a total of 700K+ Reach, 17000 Engagement and 46 450 Post clicks on Facebook, the social media marketing had a great success, we also managed to get more than 20 influencers and DJS to post about the event which created a huge hype around the EDM Industry in Thailand


Radio Stations and Websites also had a great reach and Tomorrowland had a big branding coverage and were very happy with the amount of viewers in Thailand!

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