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Mystic Valley Festival approached us to help with their online marketing and also being part and host one of their stage at the event under our Hardstyle Thailand Brand! 

Mystic Festival is a yearly event which attracts all kind of music lovers as it has multiple stages and is different from most of the festivals in Thailand. 

What we did

Marketing wise, we created different type of content to post on our page, and posted some of the content they have provided us. 

As an event organizer in Thailand we were also asked to host the Hardstyle Thailand stage, this included planning an entire line up for the stage, take care of all the DJS and market it on our own socials. 

Spreading the news

The challenge here was bigger than any of the other usual marketing tasks, as the event is at an unsual location for EDM Festivals in Thailand, we had to make sure to be able to bring the Bangkok Crowd 2 Hours and a half away from their hometown! 

Mystic though had the potential! Being the “festival in the jungle” what most of the locals call it, had their pros and cons but it was a new experience for most of the crowd!

Tools & methods

So what we did was create different content that would invite people to the “festival not to miss in the jungle” marketing, this did work pretty well and a it got a lot of interest from many different people. 

Graphic wise we helped the festival with more than 100s of artworks, from individual DJS to Full Line up and Set Times artworks.

What a result

Reaching out to the locals was a hard task even though we managed to bring some, but the amount of people that came from Bangkok was incredible, we all made it together and Mystic was very happy with our marketing and the help they got from our Graphic Design team!


The Hardstyle Thailand stage was also a big success as it was at one point one of the most crowded stage in the entire festival beside the fact it was a one day stage compare to a 3 days stage to some of the bigger stages! 

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