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The relationship with Levels has been going on for years, we started working together early 2015 when Sick Individuals (Renown International DJS) made a show at the club.

Since then until late 2018 we had a marketing deal with them for their international shows. 

The Challenge

Every Thursday Levels was brought International DJS, which we needed to create a marketing campaign for it.

The challenge was doing the same thing every week expecting a good result, we did need to change idea, type of posts, announcements,… and eventually had to always make it work.

Spreading the news

Having one of the biggest EDM pages in the country “EDM Addicts” was one the main platform to market on, Levels provided us the event info and all artwork needed, we then needed to create a marketing campaign every week with the resources provided by the club!

Tools & methods

Artworks, Ads, Giveaways, these were the most used campaigns, bringing international DJS every week is a challenge for both the club and the promoters. We had to keep a following of who is coming, and market it in the right way!

What a result

Levels worked with us continuously for 4 years and were happy with the results our page made. 

They decided to stop International Events end of 2018 and therefore we haven’t been doing any marketing with them after that,


Some nights had lower numbers than others, this also depended on the DJS, but they had a very good crowd for a Thursday Night and the target was perfect as more and more EDM Fans did come to Levels every week!

Thanks for sharing!


Levels Club

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