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Marketing, Wifi & CCTV Installations


European Painting and Electrical Services Co. Ltd. (E.P.S) was established in Pattaya, Thailand in 2006. E.P.S undertake projects with full control of all operations involved in construction and decorations to achieve best service and high European Standard.

E.P.S provides high quality work with our very skilled team of employees, with the goal of provide professional service, on time and to agreed budget.


What We Do

We were hired to take care of their marketing, wifi & cctv installations. We work closely with their day to day business and make sure that they can offer their customers the best services with our Wifi & CCTV installations and we help the customers find them with our Marketing.


We continuously work and research the different trends within the fields of our clients. We have been working closely with eps and have grown an understanding of what to do to reach the correct audience for the client.

Tools & methods

We use tools such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager, Facebook Business Manager and creative studio to handle ads, post content and make sure we reach the right audience. 

Wifi & CCTV Installations

As a few individuals at our company have a background with Wifi and CCTV Installations it only felt natural to offer it as an additional service to offer EPS. So through them we offer Professional Wifi Installations and CCTV Installations.

Tools & methods

Equipment that we use to do Wifi installations are routers from Mikrotik and Access Points From Ubiquiti. As for the CCTV we have partnered with a distributor for Hikvision to supply top of the line CCTV installations. 

What a result

Working together both in the day to day business aswell as the marketing side of the business has gotten our co-working relationship to be very good and both the client and we are very satisfied with the outcome so far and we hope to be working alongside EPS for many more years.


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