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It's The Ship

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It’s the Ship, is the world’s biggest Festival at sea, located in South East Asia. With departure from Singapore, party goers travel for 3 Days through the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Thailand, while passing through countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.   

To successfully promote such an event they required additional marketing support. With Tonight Media’s extensive experience in the event’s industry and large following of our own brands, helping It’s the Ship was an absolute breeze and pleasure. 

What we did

Our objective was to generate as many Thai customers as possible, hyping up the event, and creating a talk around the world’s biggest festival at sea. We leveraged our event organizing experience and ability to efficiently communicate to a large audience on social media. 

Additionally, we were requested to personally cover some of the most epic moments of the event to be shared on social media platforms as part of the post-event engagement strategy and setting the stage for the next year’s It’s The Ship edition.

Spreading the news

At the event we captured some of the best clips, stories and more that we shared on social media, involving the community created during the initial marketing process. Engaging with those who unfortunately couldn’t join the event and laying the foundation for any subsequent events for It’s the Ship.

Tools & methods

As part of the Marketing strategy in Thailand for It’s the Ship we made the party go viral on social media. We created custom albums, different creative contents, organized ticket giveaways, as well as a very targeted Facebook ad’s strategy promoting the event further and reaching a wider target audience.  

What a result

We created a community around it’s the ship and talks about the event still go around up till this day, Tickets were successfully sold out and It’s the Ship immediately wanted us to support them with their next event. It’s safe to say we were able to provide them with the exposure they wished for, and more.


Unfortunately a worldwide pandemic is delaying the next edition, Let’s see what the future holds for us and perhaps we might be able to add It’s the Ship’s next edition to our portfolio at one point.

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It’s The Ship

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